Monday, August 18, 2008

a very beautiful reality

These pictures of my grandson, Tate, confirm for me what a beautiful world ours can be.

Two worlds to choose between

I stopped writing in this blog over a year ago. Too many words, and why add more. Well, just for me I guess I'm adding more.

Sally Quinn's column in today's Washington Post was about the realities created by words--specifically those of Obama and McCain. She would prefer to live in McCain's world, but chooses Obama's because his is closer to the real world we all live in. Mostly I agree with her sentiments, except that I choose Obama's world because it is so much more interesting than McCain's. McCain's world may be clearer, certainly starker. But so much less interesting than one alive with so many more possibilities. Both worlds are plenty dangerous, and I'll take the more interesting one any day. Otherwise this business is just too grim.